Monday, July 27, 2009

End of my summer...

Today is Monday and I leave on Thursday to head back to Atlanta...apartment move-in on Saturday with jammage :). My summer has officially come to an end and idk if I'm truly happy or excited about it. I'm a pretty happy and/or content individual, but I feel like something is missing from my life..whether that be friendships with girls, a man, or just pure excitement. I've been living the dull life lately...not sure why...The past two years I have sheltered myself from other people..not males..and now I'm like damn..I'm a junior..I need to spice up my life and have more fun. I used to think I could only find enjoyment from chillin with guys..but that is no longer a thought...they bore me..or annoy me. I think a lot of times we as females tend to think that we'll have the most fun being around a guy. However, the situation never goes as planned and we end up complaining about how all they wanted was sex. The most fun can easily be from just being around your true girlfriends. I lack these. Mainly because I'm a shy individual..some may not believe it..but it's true. Yes I may be different on the internet..but I'm behind a screen. While this is my real personality, I can't just let it show in person for some reason. I's weird. I've never been the type who needed all the friends in the world..I used to be so content..but now I'm wishing I would've reached out to others during my first two years at Spelman. I know a lot of people..and I get a lot of "hey!" but I want more. The problem is that majority of females aren't very accepting. They have established their circle and refuse to let another in. That's just how "we" operate I suppose. This isn't the case for all though. I've met plenty of girls who are very welcoming...thanks to someone who shall remain nameless lol...but it stops there. I'm hoping for a fun junior year..and senior year as well. No one is going to make it happen for me though..I must reach out on my own.

That is all.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


For those of you who don't know...I was diagnosed with Alopecia in December of 2008 after having a biopsy done on my scalp. For the slowpokes...alopecia is hair loss and comes in many different forms. I have CCCA which is also known as scarring alopecia. My condition is EXTREMELY common in African American women...I thought it was somewhat rare...but it is definitely not. Scarring alopecia is caused by years of harsh chemicals (perm) and heat (flat irons..pressing..all that "good" stuff). I've been dealing with hair loss since sophomore year of high school, but it just recently got worse in the past few years. So I decided in October that my perm for that month would be my last...I'm transitioning to natural hair..and I'm now on month 8...woohoo! People say I have a lot of growth and ask when I'm going to BC...but I'm definitely not ready for that lol.

I'm learning a lot about my hair and the proper way to care for it. I love the site saved my life. I absolutely LOVE looking at the picture albums and learning about the right products and ingredients to look for in products...I also love being able to connect with other women who are facing alopecia as well. It's a struggle, but I'm definitely making it. Anyone could consider it a small thing until they actually have to go through it. So I've learned of certain oils to rub in my hair and scalp and all these different recipes of oils and herbs to make lol. I thought I'd share some of my new knowledge with you all....DO NOT buy products that have Petroleum or Mineral Oil in them...along with sulphates..and many more harsh chemicals..all those "ates" are pretty much are parfums. STAY AWAY! typically strip hair of essential oils so only use shampoo about once a week and co-wash (washing with only conditioner) as much as you want. It is a myth that black women can't wash their hair every day..YES YOU CAN! umm I think that's all for now..

As far as my alopecia goes...I currently get this light treatment done on my scalp along with cortizone injections into my scalp every two weeks. I won't see results for about four months. It's a slow process, but I'm trying everything to grow my hair back. I went today actually and the injections hurt more than they did the first time. I just hope to see some results.

Anyways...I think that's all for now...I can't remember what else I wanted to say..just be careful with perms and heat on your hair ladies because this condition is very common...the doctor even told me if I continued I could develop skin cancer...not cool.

So that's all...

oh and you can follow my hair journey at


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Date Night, UP, and Ikea - A WOO HOO BRAVO MOMENT

I haven't posted in forever...mainly because I was tired of the old posts and weird females stalking my blog...I guess that's what girls do to make themselves seem cool to a guy? I don't know lol.

So anyways...I've been back in California and it has been pretty good so far. I've been working every single day and as exhausting as it has been...I love making money. I feel like I should've gotten a raise for this summer...seriously...I work faster than the majority. I've also been spending some time with great friends...making great memories. I love Robert. I love Bree. They are great people with great hearts and personalities. I feel like they would be a great addition to anyone's life...seriously.

This past week has had some highlights that I shall day at work I was at lunch with my mom and my supervisor at Round Table. My back was facing the door and we were just chatting it up. All of a sudden, a guy comes behind me and hands me his business card and says..."I just want to give you my card and let you know that I think you are absolutely gorgeous." It was definitely flattering to have a white man say this to me, but it all happened so quickly. I couldn't get a look at him, but my mother said he was a decent looking white guy who looked like he was in his late twenties. I decided to text him and say thank you...he proceeded to ask me my age and I told him 20...I then asked him and he said 33. Wow. Nice guy..but 13 years is a no no. I also went to see UP in 3D on was amazing. Remember the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? It's also coming out in 3D in September..I'm excited! lol...the week carried on and ended. Friday morning at work I received a text from an ex of mine..we're still friends which is great..he's a great listener, provides great conversation, and is always honest with me...another great friend. He asked if I wanted to go to the movies later that night and I agreed. He came and picked me up..we went to eat..and went to the movies. We were going to go to the beach afterwards, but he had an early morning since he is also a firefighter lol. So the night ended. The positive energy was something I needed..and I'm happy I decided to go out with him. Today I went to Ikea in San Diego to get this rug that I want for my's orange and cream...I went on my own so I struggled with the cart and the big rug lol..but I managed to get it through the store and into my car where it will now sit until it is shipped back to Atlanta.

Today the weather was pretty ugly in Murrieta and Temecula..cloudy and whatnot...but the drive to San Diego was so refreshing. It was beautiful in San Diego..sunny and a great temperature. I had John Legend blasting...singing along...and just enjoyed the drive. I was realizing how beautiful California is and how I think I really want to live here in the future. I have been constantly saying that I want to live on the east coast or Florida...but California is pretty much amazing. I might give it some consideration in all honesty.

That's all for the week...I may update more often, but I can't really tell...


Friday, May 8, 2009

thank you for being interested....or nosey....


back to california?...yes

two internships?....indeed

amazing life?...pretty much :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Best - A MIXED MOMENT

I went with Jammage to mawzie's today for was great...ate amazing a paper done..chilled...met a friend of hers..all good. I enjoyed it..I even had an Easter basket made for me. Thanks Mawzie!!! and thanks jam for letting me join lol.

Change of subject...a friend of mine on facebook just changed his status to a quote that I've heaard before..."We adore the ones who ignore us and ignore the ones who adore us" and it's soooo why do I adore this person sooo much when he constantly ignores me? and at this point in my life, I have no idea who really does adore me...I figure everything is just of course most people get ignored.

why do we do this though? it doesn't make sense yet it always seems to happen.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'd say this week was pretty good..especially toward the end...Jamage and I went to turn in our apartment application Friday which felt good. That step is over and now we just have to wait. Later that evening we went to the Mahogany auditions which were pretty much amazing. I love my HBCU experience. It's like something out of a movie. I saw the homie later that night..sat up and watched Juvies til the early morning. It was such a hassle getting out there since some genius thought it would be cool to bring four lanes down to two..I'm impatient and that doesn't mix well with unnecessary traffic. Saturday night was straight..went to a couple of parties..took a dip was interesting. I found out some interesting things this morning...I should've known...that's all I have to say about that. And isn't it interesting how someone can say that they don't care about something yet continue to bring new things up about it when the conversation had already ended? I find it quite interesting. I'm now about to get on these papers that I planned to write on Friday...obviously didn't happen. I'm also planning a surprise for a good friend and trying to find something COOL..I'm doing these things simply just because...

my mind is that is all for the moment.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shiny Gold - A WTF MOMENT

So the freshmen have a fashion show tonight right and so you know what that means...


Anyways, as my friend and I were walking back to the wonderful MJ from the caf, we were stopped by a guy who was struggling with a bag full of clothing. He asked us where the student center was and it took him about five minutes to comprehend what we were saying....dude....our campus is saw three buildings and we even pointed directly at it. A WTF MOMENT. So he finally gets it and turns to walk away and what do we see????

He had on a black blazer that had SHINY GOLD paint on it...sleeves, front, back...he painted gold stripes on his blazer. WTF MOMENT. Oh and that's not it!!! On the back he had painted with the same shiny gold paint...LAMAR at the top....A WTF MOMENT. Who told you that was cool? Who told you that was a good decision? WTF.

I texted the homie who is in the fashion business and he laughed but reminded me that everyone must start somewhere.....agreed. However, his somewhere was just a failure.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Intimidation and Competition - A CURIOUS MOMENT

We have discussed this in my History of Social Thought class...but it was directed towards the male species as a whole...


a thought...

Are black men intimidated by successful black women?

Is a man bothered by not being the main breadwinner in a family or relationship?

Does he want to compete for that position?

What are the answers?

Tweeting on Twitter - A BLAH HUSHBUG MOMENT

Last night I decided to see what this Twitter mess was all about...I had the silly thing for about an hour and then I realized how dumb it really I deleted my account...after one whole hour.

I'll leave the tweeting to someone else.

MAJOR pet peeves - A WTF MOMENT

Okay like seriously....there's only so much I can put up with...

First...I can't stand when people mess up the spelling of simple words...dude..since when did laptop become LABTOP??? A WTF MOMENT. That is one big NO...come on now..and you've clearly said labtop to me multiple times and I've corrected you each what's the problem dude? Another problem is when their, they're, and there aren't used properly...their = possession, they're = they are, there = as in location...another WTF MOMENT...get it together kids.

Now...I'm all for friendships and whatnot...but when I constantly tell you things you need to improve on to make this friendship work, you should probably fix those lil problems before thinking we're on a level where you can expect things from me...if that makes any sense..don't demand me to come pick you up from the airport when you don't even know the exact day or time when you'll be back...that's something you ask for..not demand..I just asked when you were coming back to Atlanta...I guess you thought that meant I wanted to see you...I mean..I guess I wouldn't mind. A New face is always nice...but you still haven't impressed me yet even with the couple of "dates" that we've gone on. I'm trying to give you a chance but you're slacking a bit homie. No more spitting in my face please.

so there it is...a couple of my pet peeves...non-spelling individuals and demanding things of me..

ahhh and another thing....stop asking me to send you pictures...NO NO aren't my man and barely even a don't get the luxury of having pics of me sent to you..not happening.

a WTF moment.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The First Usage of the Bubble Umbrella - A BLAH HUSHBUG MOMENT

So I have a habit of buying shitty ass umbrellas...just absolutely I decided to buy a new one while taking a shopping trip at Target with the BEE. So I found this amazing bubble umbrella that I've been wanting forever and decided to make the whopping 18 dollar purchase...(WHAT..a steal). I clearly bought the umbrella at the wrong time because right after the purchase it wanted to get all sunny outside...whatev...I couldn't wait for it to rain. So I checked one of my fav websites ( and noticed that it would be raining this loser self was soooo excited. WHAT a thrill. I woke up yesterday and just knew it would come in handy but oh no! it was only a light drizzle..I didn't want to look like a fool with my big beautiful umbrella so I let it rest in MJ 215. I went out later that evening and had to bring the umbrella with...I get to my location and my wonderful friend Nino wanted to help me with my stuff and decided that he should hold the umbrella..."I like your umbrella"....uh yea I like it too homie...So I didn't get to use it then either. So now I'm just annoyed lol...this morning I just knew that it would be a great first experience with the bubble...I walk down to leave and it's a Tsunami outside...Monsoon...whichever you prefer. I walk to class and get jeans, socks, and shoes...not a little dampness...oh no...full on SQUISH SQUISH in between my toes.....NOT COOL. I say "eff the rain"......the first actual usage was quite upsetting. At least the walk back from class was much more pleasing....but I was still soaked...

EFF the rain....