Friday, March 27, 2009

Intimidation and Competition - A CURIOUS MOMENT

We have discussed this in my History of Social Thought class...but it was directed towards the male species as a whole...


a thought...

Are black men intimidated by successful black women?

Is a man bothered by not being the main breadwinner in a family or relationship?

Does he want to compete for that position?

What are the answers?

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  1. It's funny that this thought has crossed my mind many times. I mean there's a huge possibility that they are but then again that might be in some cases. I say this because there are always those men who say they want a woman who has her own and does not need to depend on him for everything but then again they become upset when she's handling herself and the household.

    I don't know if they want to compete for the position for it is becoming a tough world now days and men seem lazy to me when it comes to the gaining the affections of a successful black woman. But like I said it depends on the person and the situation. Men just need to learn how to deflate their egos just a bit in order to not seem intimidated and bothered.