Friday, March 27, 2009

MAJOR pet peeves - A WTF MOMENT

Okay like seriously....there's only so much I can put up with...

First...I can't stand when people mess up the spelling of simple words...dude..since when did laptop become LABTOP??? A WTF MOMENT. That is one big NO...come on now..and you've clearly said labtop to me multiple times and I've corrected you each what's the problem dude? Another problem is when their, they're, and there aren't used properly...their = possession, they're = they are, there = as in location...another WTF MOMENT...get it together kids.

Now...I'm all for friendships and whatnot...but when I constantly tell you things you need to improve on to make this friendship work, you should probably fix those lil problems before thinking we're on a level where you can expect things from me...if that makes any sense..don't demand me to come pick you up from the airport when you don't even know the exact day or time when you'll be back...that's something you ask for..not demand..I just asked when you were coming back to Atlanta...I guess you thought that meant I wanted to see you...I mean..I guess I wouldn't mind. A New face is always nice...but you still haven't impressed me yet even with the couple of "dates" that we've gone on. I'm trying to give you a chance but you're slacking a bit homie. No more spitting in my face please.

so there it is...a couple of my pet peeves...non-spelling individuals and demanding things of me..

ahhh and another thing....stop asking me to send you pictures...NO NO aren't my man and barely even a don't get the luxury of having pics of me sent to you..not happening.

a WTF moment.

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