Monday, March 30, 2009

Shiny Gold - A WTF MOMENT

So the freshmen have a fashion show tonight right and so you know what that means...


Anyways, as my friend and I were walking back to the wonderful MJ from the caf, we were stopped by a guy who was struggling with a bag full of clothing. He asked us where the student center was and it took him about five minutes to comprehend what we were saying....dude....our campus is saw three buildings and we even pointed directly at it. A WTF MOMENT. So he finally gets it and turns to walk away and what do we see????

He had on a black blazer that had SHINY GOLD paint on it...sleeves, front, back...he painted gold stripes on his blazer. WTF MOMENT. Oh and that's not it!!! On the back he had painted with the same shiny gold paint...LAMAR at the top....A WTF MOMENT. Who told you that was cool? Who told you that was a good decision? WTF.

I texted the homie who is in the fashion business and he laughed but reminded me that everyone must start somewhere.....agreed. However, his somewhere was just a failure.


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